Smart Battery Swap
Kandi is the pioneer of the “vehicle/power separation” approach to EV battery swapping. Our intelligent power exchange system can complete an exchange in 90 seconds, giving an exchange station a capacity of more than 280 daily exchanges. The exchange stations are compact, occupying approximately 50 square meters.
The Kandi intelligent power exchange system is composed of eight modules:
1) The battery replacement system is transports and exchanges the battery.
2) The vehicle positioning system accurately aligns the vehicle with the replacement module.
3) The electronic control management system collects sensor input to automatically operate the system.
4) The bin management system accurately locates full and empty battery storage bins.
5) The user interaction system handles interaction with the customer and automatic billing.
6) The charging management system controls the whole process of recharging the battery inventory.
7) The data push system conveniently provides data to users about the exchange process.
8) The video monitoring system monitors the process in real time to ensure safety and reliability.
The Kandi intelligent power exchange system has six advantages:
1) The “one button” exchange process is fully automatic, with no need for human intervention.
2) Service is efficient only 90 seconds to complete an exchange.
3) Automatic billing that calculates the cost according to the difference in charge between outgoing and incoming battery.
4) “At a glance” real-time status monitoring system.
5) Constant temperature charging in constant temperature environment can prolong battery life and reduce fire risk.
6) Compact footprint of only 50 square meters.
As an advocate of battery swapping, Kandi is committed to solving a key challenge in the development of the EV industry. Kandi is making an important contribution to green transportation by providing an intelligent, safe, efficient and economical power exchange system for operators, thus promoting the healthy development of the EV industry.