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Kandi-Geely Co-developed Pure Electric Sedan Receives Approval from Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China
2013-6-5 10:25:00  (Page Views:839)
   Kandi Technologies Group, Inc, today announced that JL7001BEV, the first pure electric sedan jointly developed by Kandi and Geely Automobile Holdings Ltd. (Hong Kong Stock Exchange, Stock Code: 175) (the "Geely"), has been approved by Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People’s Republic of China (“MIIT”).
   According to No. 27 public announcement of MIIT, Kandi Brand/JL7001BEV model is among the latest vehicles on the lists of “Approved Vehicles (No. 248)” and “Recommended Models for Energy Saving &New Energy Vehicle Demonstration and Promotion in China (No. 45)”.  As a result of this approval, the purchaser of such pure electric sedan will now be qualified to receive all levels of national and local subsidies and incentives for EVs.
   Mr. Hu Xiaoming, Chairman & CEO of Kandi commented, “Given the MIIT’s latest approval, Kandi and Geely have accomplished a significant progress in their cooperation. We will take advantage of the strength, resources and expertise of both Kandi and Geely to achieve a greater success in manufacturing, R&D and sales of the EV in China.”
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