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Geely-Kandi Affiliate Fengsheng Automotive Introduces Pure Electric SUV Maple 30X
2020-4-13 9:27:00  (Page Views:486)
                                                            —First 30x Model Released via Online Launch Ceremony—
                                                                     —Available for Pre-Order Immediately—

JINHUA, CHINA-- (April 13, 2020) - Kandi Technologies Group, Inc. (the “Company,” “we” or “Kandi”) (NASDAQ GS: KNDI), today announced thatFengsheng Automotive Technology GroupCo., Ltd.(the “Affiliate Company” or “Fengsheng”), introduced its first pure electric SUV, the Maple 30x. Available for immediate pre-order, the Maple 30x was revealed in an online brand launch ceremony on April 10th.  Video of the ceremony can be viewed here: http://www.kandigroup.com/VedioDetail.aspx?kid=38

The 100% electric Maple 30X is a versatile, compact “city SUV” featuring style, performance and comfort. Customers can choose from five colors and four trim levels: “Fengyun Basic”, “Fengfan Style”, “Fengshang Plus”, and “Fenghua Premium”.  The 30x hasa trendy two-tone exterior design with a contrasting roof in black. Equippedwith the Maple 30X GKUI intelligent system inside, the integrated infotainment system provides a combination of entertainment and information for an enhanced in-vehicle experience.
With the Maple 30X motor’s maximum output of 70kw, the driving range on a full charge is up to 306 km or 190 miles. The model comes with express charging and standard charging options. Express charging enables the vehicle to be charged to 80% in about 30 minutes.  A home plug-in charging feature is also available.
The national pre-sale price after subsidy starts at RMB 68,800(approximately USD $9,778) and goes up to RMB79,800 (approximately$11,342) for the premium package.
Production of theMaple 30xstarted in January, and is currently ready forcustomer delivery. Fengsheng noted that the Maple 30X is the first Maple model released this year.There will be two more models to be launched later this year: a pure SUV targeting “millennial” families and an MPV model.
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