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Kandi Model K23 Production Launched by Kandi Electric Vehicles (Hainan) Co.,Ltd.
2018-3-30 9:32:00  (Page Views:1647)
Jinhua, China – (March 30, 2018) – Kandi Technologies Group, Inc. (NASDAQ GS: KNDI) (the “Company” or “Kandi”) today announced that the Kandi Model K23 production launch ceremony was hosted by Kandi Electric Vehicles (Hainan) Co., Ltd. (“Kandi Hainan”). Government officials from Hainan Province and Haikou City, and executives from the National High-tech Zone Administrative Committee, Financial Institutions, Vocational Colleges, etc., attended the ceremony. 
Kandi Model K23 production launch ceremony
“With its ecological environment known for having the best air quality in China, Hainan is China’s most popular top-tier tourist destination. Hainan is most likely going to become the first province in China to ban the use of fuel vehicles. Kandi’s intention to develop a pure electric vehicle manufacturing business in Hainan will best serve the purpose of environmental protection for the world-class tourism island.” Mr. Hu Xiaoming, Chairman and CEO of Kandi said. During Mr. Hu’s comments at the ceremony, he conveyed his gratitude for the continuous support and guidance from the provincial and municipal governments during Kandi’s Hainan investment journey. He also announced his confidence in future vehicle sales and his intent to accelerate production to bring the vehicle to market as soon as possible.
Ms. Li Dongqing, Deputy Director of Haikou National Hi-tech Zone, said in her speech that Kandi’s electric vehicle project is exactly what Haikou Hi-tech Zone is looking for. She stated that Kandi’s electric vehicle brings the energy to drive the momentum for further reform to Hainan’s hi-tech industry development. Finally, she congratulated the launch of Kandi’s Model K23 and reaffirmed her continuous support for Kandi’s business in Hainan.
In addition, Mr. Peng Gang, the General Manager of Chongqing Transportation Leasing Co., Ltd., expressed his congratulations to Kandi for the production launch. He stated that he believes leasing is the most practical solution to grow the pure electric vehicle market, and since the model K23 meets the ride-hailing vehicle requirement, the vehicle will be very well-received in the leasing market.
Kandi Model K23 incorporates internationally-recognized advanced driver technology, and features a touchscreen control interface, high-pressure 4-in-1 power controls, an automated collision prevention system, an ultra-lightweight structure, increased motor efficiency, a superior battery-energy ratio, and wireless internet capabilities, among other exciting features. The Model K23 has a maximum speed of 100 km/h, a wheelbase of 2650 mm and a drive range of more than 300 km. As a crossover vehicle, K23 blends the elements of “cowboy” and “sportiness” to create the latest fashion in sedan and MPV design. It is considered to be one of the JV Company’s All-Star Models.
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